Vocal Conservatory Master Classes and Workshops

Solo Vocal Master Classes:  Open to all singers who wish to become better soloists

  Monday nights 5-7  Taught by Florentino Zarate and accompanied by Laurie Cobb

Heninger Collab.: Spring Musical: “Lion King” with students from 5-12th grade, with the high school students serving as mentors.  This collaboration occurs on Wednesdays from 3-5, and the shows will take place in the beginning of June.

“Seussical The Musical” School-wide musical with Dance/Instrumental/Theater and Vocal Music working together.  This show will occur in March.  We hope you will all come and join us!

Choir Competition trip to New York over spring break for Chamber Singers and the Vocal Jazz Choir.

Choir Competition trip to LA with the Advanced Women’s Ensemble.

SCVA Choir festivals for all choirs.

Selected students to take private voice lessons

Designated Saturdays:

  For 8th Graders: Singing the Blues and Intro Musical Theater Selected Saturdays

  Vocal Jazz Choir (already selected)

Next Year: These offerings will be held 2 times per week for 1 1/2 hours each.

First Semester:

1) Singing Spanish Pop and Mariachi: Two days for 1 1/2 hours each day.  (open to all)

2) Intro to Vocal Jazz and Improv.  (open to all)

3) Vocal Jazz Choir (by audition)

4) Beginning Musical Theater Techniques (Singing, Dancing and Acting)  (open to all)

Additional Enrichment:

Selected students for Private Voice Lessons

Solo Vocal Master Classes 6-8 Monday or Tuesday Evenings

Opera Workshops

Auditioning Techniques Master Class

District Wide Vocal Master Classes by Voice Part:

  Diva Night (for Sopranos)

  Amazing Mezzos (for Altos)

  Tenor Madness (for Tenors)

  Basso Profundo Night (for Basses)

  (These master classes will deal with the unique challenges and opportunities by each of the different voice


Second Semester:

1-2 School-wide Musical (by audition) 1 1/2 hours daily (5 days for 1 1/2 hours – Advanced Musical Theater)

3 Vocal Jazz Choir

4 Singing Spanish Pop & Mariachi

Additional Enrichment:

Vocal Master Class (Monday or Tuesday nights 6-8)  (Will culminate with a Vocal Solo Recital)

Opera Workshop (Monday or Tuesday nights 6-8)  (Will culminate with an evening of Opera Scenes)

Enrichment Saturdays: Vocal Jazz and Musical Theater – open to 8th Graders