Welcome to

The School of Visual and Media Arts!

Do you doodle in the margins of your notes?  Would you rather draw a cartoon or poster than write a report?  Do you draw your name instead of writing it? Do you learn more from a picture than from a description?  If any of your answers is “YES!” you might be an artist, just waiting to develop your passion into marketable skills!

The School of Visual and Media Arts will mentor you through your explorations, your triumphs and failures, and your growth as an artist.  You will become proficient in all three areas , and choose one in which to concentrate:  two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital media arts.  You will learn the history and current issues in your field, and experience art jobs.   You will leave us at the end of your 12th grade year ready to be successful in art school, in college, or in a variety of arts-related careers.  

There is an anonymous quote that says “Choose what you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Learning, working, and growing as a scholar and well-rounded human being should be stimulating and exciting; join us!

All 9th grade students in the School of Visual and Media Arts will take an intensive Art 1 course that teaches the elements of art and design, explores a wide variety of media, and lays the groundwork for your success as an artist.  You will also take part in the wide variety of workshops and master classes offered by the School.

During the 10th grade, students will begin to concentrate in either 2D Art (drawing, painting, printmaking), 3D Art(sculpture, ceramics), or digital Media Arts (digital graphic design, animation). You will also take part in the School’s workshops and master classes.

In the 11th grade you will have completed most graduation requirements; this will  allow more periods of Art.  You will complete advanced or AP level work in your concentration, and expand your expertise into a second area.  A variety of real-life art applications, workshops and master classes will give you opportunities to explore new media and learn about careers.  You will begin learning the business of art.  Silkscreen printing, theater set design, and jewelry-making will be offered.

As a Senior you will be able to take several courses in 2D, 3D, Media, or interdisciplinary arts.  You will be able to choose coursework in theatre set design, multimedia sculpture, industrial design, professional printing,, Video Production, Game Design, Web Design, Business/Portfolio development, and work experience.

In 2010, Fortune 5000 CEOs were asked what characteristics they looked for in new hires.  Surprisingly,  their answer was not high test scores or grades, or even degrees.  They wanted professionals who could think creatively (60%), solve problems with a group, communicate effectively, and work toward an end product.  You will develop all these skills here.  Whether you go on to major in Art, Business, Engineering, Medicine,  or any other field, a great career, where you “never work a day in your life,” starts here!