Theater Arts Conservatory – The Audition Process

Please prepare a 2-3 minute monologue demonstrating the range of your theater artistry. Your audition piece must be a published work.  If you are a more experienced actor you may elect to present two contrasting monologues 1 dramatic and 1 comedic, no longer than 3 minutes total. Confidence, technique, presence, expression, and performance quality will be evaluated to determine admittance to the Theater Conservatory.    On the day of your audition:

  • Make sure to bring a completed registration packet.
  • Make sure to bring with you a completed Conservatory Audition Form.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early.
  • Your appearance is important. Be well-groomed. If you wear such things as facial or tongue piercings, please remove them for the audition.

  Supplemental Materials Required: The following materials are required by the Theater Conservatory of all candidates for department admission and are to be provided directly to the department. Please bring these with you to your in-person audition.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, at the top of all of the following items.  

  1. Theater Resume

This should include your training, teachers and performance experience.  Include the names of theatres and directors you have worked with, as well as any media work you have done. You may want to include awards and any summer scholarships you have received.   

  1. Goal Statement

Write a goal statement up to one page in length, briefly describing your long-term career goals by answering one of the following two questions:           A. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?           B. What has inspired you to pursue acting?  

  1. Photo/Headshot

A photo is required to identify you.  Professional headshots or photos are not necessary. A simple 6x4 picture is sufficient. Materials submitted will not be returned.

Discipline Type of Meeting Date Location Time
Theatre Audition 1 April 18 Little Theater 3:30-6:00
Theatre Audition 2 April 19 Little Theater 3:30-6:00