School of Music

Music at Santa Ana High School has been designed to provide a high quality musical experience for novice, developing, and accomplished students. All students focus on the areas of fundamental musical development in music theory, ear training, aural skills, individualized lessons, appropriate to their individual instrument and skill level.

Music classes will encourage and inspire students at all levels to expand their passion for music and to be perform at their personal best. All levels have been structured to place students in the appropriate environment to their skill level and learning opportunities. The full range of classes allows every student a place to reach their fullest potential amongst peers of a similar level.

The mission of the Santa Ana High School Music Conservatory is to provide a strong musical foundation for students enrolled at Santa Ana High School with a sequential approach to acquiring musical skill and appreciation for one’s instrument all while bestowing a sense of pride for our school, district, and community.

Our goal is to:

  • Place students in skill appropriate music classes and ensembles
  • Provide instruction and repertoire so students will achieve a higher technical skill on their instruments or voice
  • Engage in concerts and events so students may obtain a broader musical awareness
  • Rehearse and perform music selections that will challenge individuals as well as the entire ensemble
  • Seek opportunities for students to experience a variety of musical genres and styles of music
  • Approach learning and performing music with a high standard of excellence
  • Provide a mandatory rehearsal and performance schedule to reinforce commitment and follow through
  • Engage in festivals and master classes to seek professional advice and criticisms
  • Perform for school, district, and community
  • Enjoy the music making process