Dance Competencies

School of Dance

Students will develop competencies in the following areas:

 Students will demonstrate technical proficiency and artistic expression in ballet and/or modern dance by performing selected choreography of classic and contemporary works on stage. They will:

  • demonstrate the technical proficiency and artistic expressiveness to effectively discern and interpret the choreography’s stylistic demands.
  • understand the audition and selection processes.
  • understand the roles of warm-up class, “spacing,” lighting, and dress rehearsals.
  • know what they personally need to prepare for performance.
  • apply makeup properly.
  • demonstrate an understanding of dance technique, classroom etiquette, dress, and process.
  • be familiar with both classical ballet and two or more modern techniques and be able to demonstrate that knowledge with physical clarity.
  • understand the use of space, line, placement, and musicality.
  • knowledge of movement structure and of musicality in relation to music.
  • inventiveness and creativity in movement material.
  • integrity of artistic choices in composition.

Additional skills:

Budgeting Problem-solving Creative Vision Leadership

Business Sense/Negotiation Effective communication Collaboration/team-work

Decision-making Presentation